Raspberry Pi is as 'simple as Lego' with Kano kit

Raspberry Pi gets easier to use with Kano, a crowdfunded, kid-friendly way to start your own games and coding projects. With stickers!

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Richard Trenholm

Who doesn't love Raspberry Pi? The simple and cheap million-selling computer gets easier to use with Kano, a crowdfunded, kid-friendly way for beginners to get started on their own games and coding projects. With stickers!

"It's powered by Raspberry Pi but has the simplicity of a Lego set," founder Alex Klein told the BBC. "You make a computer, you learn code, you have fun."

Kano comes with a case for your Raspberry Pi, a speaker, a Wi-Fi unit, a brightly-coloured keyboard and cables, stickers and stencils, and a short, simple manual. Once you've put the basic components together, it also has a simple Linux-based operating system, Kano OS, onboard so you don't stall as soon as you turn it on.

Included in the software are six 'levels', or starter projects, to make your own version of Pong, Minecraft and Snake, or make a computer, video or music.

Kano is on crowdfunding site Kickstarter now. Pledges start at a few quid for the manuals, projects, and t-shirts, or £60 and upwards for the Kano kit itself.

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