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Qwik Wisk puts a spin on whisks

Instead of traditional looped tines, the Mastrad Qwik Wisk uses a central core. By pulling and pushing the handle, the central core spins to recreate the whisking action.

The Mastrad Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer offers a unique way to explore a common kitchen task.
The Mastrad Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer offers a unique way to explore a common kitchen task.

The ability of the kitchen to be able to transform one set of ingredients into something else is a remarkable happenstance that occurs on a regular basis every day. This in no way makes the processes any less remarkable. With a simple motion, oil and vinegar can become salad dressing or egg, oil, and a touch of acidity can combine to create homemade mayonnaise. And of course, for those with the sweet teeth, heavy cream whips up quickly and easily into whipped cream (before turning into butter, that is).

It is series of events like these that make exploring the kitchen with simple ingredients something that can be looked upon with fresh eyes every day. Especially when one can see the transformation happening before those very eyes.

The Mastrad Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer ($19.99) offers an up close and personal examination of kitchen alchemy. Through a simple up-and-down motion, users can transform ingredients into whole new creations. As the name implies, the device is meant to be used as a whisk, where it differs is how it gets the job done. Pressing down spins the core of the gadget one way, while pulling up on the handle reverses the direction.

Some of course, will be turned off by the reinvention of a whisk. Others, perhaps will find the physical action more comfortable. Naturally, this is what matters most. If a kitchen gadget isn't comfortable to an individual, then that kitchen gadget remains on the shelf or stored away in the back of a drawer. And as we all know, no amount of staring at ingredients transforms them into anything. Except maybe ice into water, but that's not nearly as delicious as freshly whipped cream or homemade mayo.