Put your cheese up on blocks

The Butcher Block End Grain Board offers an easy presentation for cheeses when you're entertaining, as well as a way to keep those cheeses from making a mess.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Butcher Block End Grain Board Prodyne

When I have people over, I find that a cheese tray is the easiest way to prepare a tasty treat without having to put in a lot of effort. The Butcher Block End Grain Board just made that task even easier. Not only does it include four cheese knives that will allow guests to help themselves without having to touch the cheese with their bare hands, but it also offers a stainless-steel cutting wire, mounted on the board with a built-in chrome arm, that makes slicing cheese very easy. The cutting wire is replaceable, if need be, although the board comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage. The knives are held in place by a magnetic fence.

The Butcher Block End Grain Board is essentially a one-stop station for cheese aficionados, making it a useful item for your holiday entertaining. The board measures 14 inches by 10 inches, with enough room for several different types of cheese. It's also very attractively designed, with contrasting wood grains and polished handles for each knife. You will need to clean the board and the knives by hand--the pieces of the Butcher Block End Grain Board are not dishwasher-safe. The cheese board is priced at $38.99.