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PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade won't be free for current Control owners

You'll have to buy the Ultimate Edition of Remedy's action game.

If you bought 2019 action game Control on PS4 or Xbox One and were planning to replay the game on PS5 or Xbox Series X, you won't be getting the next-gen enhancements for free, developer Remedy revealed on Wednesday. The free next-gen upgrade applies only to the Ultimate Edition of the game, which will be available on consoles on Sept. 10 (the PC version lands Aug. 27).

Control's Ultimate edition will cost $40 and include the main game and its two expansions, The Foundation and the upcoming AWE. The latter relates to 2010 Remedy game Alan Wake, and will tie the developer's games together in an interconnected universe

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It's a different approach than the one being taken by CD Projekt Red with Cyberpunk 2077 and Square Enix with Marvel's Avengers. Both of these games will offer a free upgrade to the PS5 or Xbox Series X version if you buy it on a current-gen console. 

Both of the new consoles will be out this holiday season -- Sony hasn't revealed the PS5 launch date yet, but Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed that Xbox Series X will be available in November. Neither company has said how much its console will cost.