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Protect your toaster from grilled cheese sandwiches with Toastabag

A handy little pocket bag captures all the drippings from melting grilled cheese sandwiches. If it can fit in the toaster.

It turns your toaster into a sandwich maker.
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Just can't let go of that old-timey stand-up toaster? Do you have a love for grilled cheese sandwiches? (Who doesn't?) Well, if you refuse to get yourself a toaster oven or a panini press, then this product is for you.

Toastabags are little bags for your toaster. Yes, you read that correctly. Little bags for your toaster. Apparently what you do is pile up all the ingredients you want between two slices of bread and jam it down into your toaster. How this possibly cannot be a fire hazard is completely beyond me, but so be it.

However, if you are the more responsible type and enjoy a certain element of moderation, then perhaps you are mature enough to enjoy the use of your very own Toastabags. While I'm not entirely convinced that this product actually works, you can apparently purchase them here.

The Toastabags are made of a durable surface that wipes clean after use. Of course, since it is a bag, all that cheese that oozed out of your sandwich is going straight to the bottom of the bag. I suppose the deal then is to turn the bag inside out and give it a wash. Presto-chango! Ready for another day.

While the Toastabag may protect the toaster's crumb tray from unwanted oozy goodness, I don't know if I would go so far as to say that the contraption will "turn your toaster into a sandwich maker."

I think I'll have to side with Boing Boing on this one and say that even if the Toastabag works as promised, how am I gonna get it in my one-slice toaster?