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Project Glass is Google's wearable, augmented reality specs

Google's augmented reality glasses are real! Dubbed Project Glass, here's everything you need to know.

Google's augmented reality glasses are real! Dubbed Project Glass, the much-rumoured lenses that show you heads-up information about the world around you have been confirmed by the company.

At the moment, Google's announcement is limited to a Google+ page, a YouTube video (which I've embedded below) and some nerdy mock-ups of attractive people wearing the futuristic goggles.

But previous leaks may reveal a little more about Google's plans for these hi-tech specs -- Google employees reportedly talking to the New York Times in February hinted that the shades could be on sale before the end of the year, and will be powered by Android.

They're rumoured to cost about as much as a smart phone (i.e, between £300 and £500), and are supposedly being developed in Google's top secret X Lab. A tiny screen is reckoned to sit a few inches from the wearer's eye.

While Google's official airing of Project Glass is presented in the company's typically laid back, 'Oh hey dudes, we made this crazy stuff -- isn't it weird?!' style, I reckon the search giant could have big plans for the AR tech, despite the dreamily ambiguous 'One day...' title for its promo clip.

Earlier reports hinted that the specs would be controlled -- hilariously enough -- by tilting your head, but Google's video would seem to contradict that. It shows the wearer interacting with the glasses using their voice or by looking at stuff.

I'll let you know as soon as I hear more -- in the meantime let me know if you'd wear these or not in the comments or on our Facebook wall, and ogle Google's sickeningly hip vision of the future below. Ukulele instruction, anyone?

Or will the future look more like this? (Thanks for the chuckle, Tom Scott.)