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Program your favorite coffee

Oster Counterforms 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker has a host of features to help achieve a consistent cup of coffee.

All day coffee. Oster

The daily task of getting a cup of coffee offers a multitude of possibilities. We can simply go to the coffee shop, or we can dive into the world of coffee makers. Form stovetop espresso makers to the manual French press, there is no shortage of ways to brew a cup of joe.

One maker that has stood the test of time is the simple drip coffeemaker. Oster updates the familiar device with the Counterforms 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. A host of features blends with the distinctive design to create a machine that looks good on the counter and provides for a consistently good cup of coffee. Place your ground coffee in the removable permanent basket filter and set for your liking. Using a showerhead instead of a typical drip method ensures that the coffee will be saturated. If you can't wait for the cycle to complete (it is coffee, after all), the coffeemaker utilizes the popular pause feature.

With the inclusion of a timer and a brew strength selector, you know what to expect out of your morning cup (and second cup...and third cup...). Coffee tends to inspire productivity in us, and when it comes to drinking it, we know exactly how we want it. The Counterforms programmable coffeemaker even has an adjustable keep-warm setting, helping you to have your favorite cup of coffee all day long.