Price Watch: Better 22-inch LCD, $139.99 shipped

It's ten bucks cheaper than yesterday's deal, and it includes DVI and speakers!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
How much cheaper can 22-inch LCDs get? Staples

Sorry to do monitors two days in a row, but I couldn't let this one slide: Staples has an SVA 2200W 22-inch LCD monitor, with DVI and speakers, for $139.99 shipped (plus sales tax in most states). That kinda kicks yesterday's deal's butt, huh? Sorry about that.

The 2200W hits mostly high notes, spec-wise, including 1680-by-1050 resolution, 5ms response time, DVI and VGA inputs, and stereo speakers. However, it's not HDCP compliant, so don't plan on using it with your Blu-ray-equipped PC.

My bigger concern is this: Who the heck is SVA? I never heard of these guys, and this particular model doesn't appear on the SVA site.

Well, such is life in Cheapskate-land: Sometimes you go with a no-brand to save a few bucks. And $140 for a 22-inch LCD is pretty damn cheap. This deal expires tomorrow (Nov. 27), so hop on it if you're interested. If not, have a happy Thanksgiving, and I'll see you all Friday morning (watch for a roundup of the best Black Friday deals I can find).

Thanks to reader nivlazenemij for sharing this deal!