Price Watch: 4GB SDHC card, $6.99 shipped

Sometimes, a deal is small, unexciting, and utilitarian. Such is the case with this Kingston card, though it has a lifetime warranty and doesn't make you wrestle with any rebates.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
4GB of storage for 7 bucks?! At that price, buy two! Kingston

Not every day offers $99 iPhones and $25 TV tuners. Sometimes, the deals are small and unexciting, the items utilitarian.

So it is today: Newegg has a 4GB Kingston SDHC memory card for $6.99. No rebates, no shipping charges.

That's the lowest price I've seen yet on a 4GB card (though only by $1). If you found a new digital camera under the tree last month, you definitely need high-capacity storage to go with it. A 4GB card can store about 800 10-megapixel snapshots or 60 minutes of video.

And, hey, there's nothing wrong with packing a spare card, in case you spot, say, Bigfoot. Or Paris Hilton. Or Bigfoot at a club with Paris Hilton. Could happen.

This isn't some no-name brand, either. All Kingston memory cards come with a lifetime warranty. Thus, this is pretty much a no-brainer for anyone who needs extra storage. A 4GB SDHC card for 7 bucks may be boring, but it's still a helluva deal.