Prep meat in minutes

With the Presorvac Marinater, adding the flavors of your favorite marinade takes minutes rather than hours.

The Presorvac Marinater

If you want to marinate anything for dinner tonight, you better have started last night: most marinades require hours to really sink into meat and vegetables. But the Presorvac Marinater has changed those time requirements. The system may look like a casserole dish, but the lid incorporates a vacuum pump that draws air out of the container during a 5-minute marinating process. If you're preparing a particularly large batch, you may find that the marinating time varies up to 10 minutes--still a far cry from the normal hours of waiting, though. The bottom of the container expands as part of the cycle, stretching food so it can quickly absorb flavors, rather than requiring hours for the same process without the Presorvac Marinater. The process works with everything: not only meats, but fruits and vegetables as well--it's just a matter of adding your favorite marinade.

The Presorvac Marinater is 12 inches by 9 inches and uses a unique docking system to lock the components together. The container and lid are both plastic: you will have to transfer your dinner to another container to cook it. The vacuum pump detaches from the lid in order to make cleaning much easier. The Presorvac Marinater is priced at approximately $72.