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PowerPot charges forward with X and XL

With two new larger sizes, PowerPot increases both charging and soup-making capabilities. The portable power generator can also now charge multiple devices.

Power demands of modern life can be all-consuming. Wouldn't that go better with soup?
Power demands of modern life can be all-consuming. Wouldn't that go better with soup?

Water is the most abundant substance on Earth. It might also be the most powerful; given enough time it can move mountains. (Or at least whittle them down.) However, just because about 71 percent of the Earth is covered with water, that doesn't mean a small quantity of it cannot do big things. Specifically, 46 ounces of the stuff.

The PowerPot is a small portable cooking pot that debuted last year. Except unlike most cooking vessels, this one generates electricity when used. The thermoelectric generator converts a temperature difference into energy; fill it with water and place it over a heat source and away you go. However, at only 1.4 liters (46 ounces), the original model only output 5 watts of juice.

Like water's power to transform the landscape, the new PowerPot X and PowerPot XL promise a differently shaped future; except here it doesn't take eons to accomplish. Increasing the capacity has led to a more robust output of 10 watts, and the pot can now charge two devices at the same time with its dual USB port. The new PowerPot Kickstarter campaign is off and running, giving funders the choice between the 2.3-liter and 3.8-liter pots.

With no moving parts and the capability to charge cell phones, tablets and cameras, the handy portable power generator offers an easy way to bring a little bit of modern living along when exploring anywhere the current takes you.