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Power your iPod for up to 8 hours with $5.99 disposable battery has the iPod-compatible Cellboost disposable battery for $5.99 shipped. The Cellboost promises eight hours of play time.


Ick! Did I actually just write a headline with the words "disposable" and "battery"?! Let's see...yep, I did. But before you get your environmentalist dander up, consider: one, I recycle; two, I use compact fluorescent lightbulbs, and three, I have a relevant story to share.

About three years ago, at a CES show in Las Vegas, a PR flack handed me a Cellboost disposable battery for my Treo smartphone. "You never know when you might need it," she winked.

Flash-forward to three weeks ago, when my phone (it's a Centro now, but same difference) ran out of juice and I desperately needed to make a call. I pulled the Cellboost out of the glove compartment, where it had sat, untouched, for three years. No way will this thing have a drop of power left, I thought, not after three boiling summers and three harsh winters.

Long story short: I plugged it into the Centro and presto, instant power. So when I spied an iPod-compatible Cellboost at for just $5.99 (shipped!), how could I resist passing it along? Granted, it's an eco-unfriendly solution, but it's compatible with all dockable iPods and promises eight hours of play time. Toss one in your travel bag; you never know when you might need it.