Portable espresso machine gets wheels

The Handpresso Auto brews an espresso shot and fits neatly in a car cup holder.

Remember to keep two hands on the coffee and your eyes on the cup at all times.

Gasoline makes cars go, coffee makes people go. And somehow it all goes together.

The fuel that makes us go is nothing like the fuel that makes our cars go. Yet, they both do have their similarities; nobody and nothing is budging an inch until we get what we need. If that means fueling up on the go, then so be it.

While a method for mobile fueling of cars is impractical, humans do not have to look far to find a caffeine fix. Faster than a drive-through window and quicker than a corner cafe, the Handpresso Auto offers up an option for those that cannot wait to get their coffee on (or missed their chance rushing out of the house).

Taking over the cup holder, the little coffee-making gadget supplies a shot of espresso in as little as two minutes. It is powered via the 12-volt cigarette lighter socket and weighs just under 2 pounds. Delivering a shot at 16 bars of pressure, the machine looks to offer results comparable to a home appliance, 1.79 fluid ounces at a time.

The E.S.E. coffee pods that it uses, of course cannot compare to freshly ground beans, but this is about convenience. After all, grinding beans and driving at the same time probably isn't such a good idea. Come to think of it, maybe creating a little extra time in the morning to dedicate to safe, stationary, caffeine procurement would be worth it.

(Via Uncrate)