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Pop-Tart figures freeze Han Solo in carbonite, look delicious

Resin Pop-Tarts with Han Solo's frozen body etched into them make for a inedible but wonderfully goofy breakfast-themed toy.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Han Solo Pop-Art
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Han Solo Pop-Art
Don't take a bite out of this toaster snack. Falcon Toys

A short time ago, at a breakfast in a galaxy far, far away, boutique toy maker Falcon Toys offered an inedible treat embossed with the body of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

The figure, called "Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo," is made to look like the iconic Pop-Tart toaster pastry, complete with white frosting and multicolored sprinkles.

The figure does such a good job of mimicking a real Pop-Tart, you might actually confuse a kid. The toy comes with a warning saying "This toy/art is meant for adult collectors and not suitable for children." It is actually made from hand-painted resin.

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The idea for Han-Solo-in-carbonite Pop-Tarts has been around since at least 2012, when it appeared in concept art form at IGN. The natural next step here is for someone to invent edible Han Solo pastries you stick into your Darth Vader toaster.

The Han Solo Pop-Tarts were only available in limited run of 15 pieces for $30 (about £19, AU$42) each and quickly sold out. Not all hope is lost, however. Falcon Toys told Facebook fans, "I will revisit the Frosted Han Solo in the future." You will just have to hide out in an asteroid field in your Millennium Falcon, waiting for your next opportunity.

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