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Poll: do you keep your DSLR in auto mode?

A new study commissioned by Sony (to promote its range of NEX cameras) has showed that two thirds of DSLR users stick to automatic mode when taking pictures. Are you one of them?

You may remember a few tongue-in-cheek videos that did the rounds last week, poking fun at wannabe DSLR photographers who have all the equipment, but no idea how to use any of their gear.

Professional photographer Gary Heery with an SLR owner. Deriding aspiring photographers by calling them clueless is pretty mean spirited. (Screenshot by Lexy Savvides/CBSi)

Sony Australia put together these videos to promote its series of NEX interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs) under the guise of "DSLR Gear, No Idea". Rather than existing in isolation as a cute series of vignettes lampooning some photographer stereotypes, Sony has gone one step farther by conducting a survey of SLR users.

The results? The survey shows that one in three photographers has no idea how to use their camera.

The sample size was 1012 non-professional SLR users, and other insights gleaned from the research showed that one in five of the younger demographic (aged 18-29) use their high-end gear purely for taking photos for social media and blogs.

Apart from the survey participants having to be pretty adept at taking selfies with an SLR, do these results actually reflect the realities of everyday photographers?

None of the photographers approached in this video, also released with the research, were trying to pass themselves off as professional. A question for Sony: what's wrong with leaving your SLR in automatic mode, anyway?