Polaroid's new instant camera looks like ... a Fuji?

Polaroid has unveiled its first camera since the company announced its intentions to re-enter the instant camera market.

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(Credit: Polaroid)

After announcing its return to the instant camera market with a range of cameras at CES and Lady Gaga as creative director, Polaroid has unveiled its first new camera.

The Polaroid 300, as shown above, is available locally for AU$149.95 and uses Polaroid's own 300 instant film, sold in packs of 10 for AU$19.95. Note that Polaroid 300 film is not the same as the instant film that has been developed by The Impossible Project.

If you're familiar with other instant cameras on the market, you may be noticing that the Polaroid 300 has a striking similarity to the Fujifilm Instax Mini camera. Now we know where Lady Gaga takes her inspiration from.