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Polaroid Cube+ brings Wi-Fi to its ultrasmall Full HD camera

With a new app for iOS and Android, you can use your mobile device as a viewfinder and control this 1.4-inch square camera.


Polaroid got a lot of attention last year for its Cube camera , a tiny square Full HD camera that was little more than a lens with a power/record button.

With a camera this small -- it measures 1.4 inches (35mm) square -- there is no room for a screen to see what you're shooting or even just to change settings. If that's a deal-breaker for you, the upcoming Cube+ will fix that with the magic of Wi-Fi.


It's the same size as the original Cube, but with the wireless you'll be able to directly connect to an iOS or Android device and use it to control the Polaroid Cube+ or use your device as a viewfinder. The Cube+ app will also let you transfer videos and photos, so you can edit and share straight from your phone or tablet.

The rest of the camera's features seem to be the same, although the Cube+ can capture 8-megapixel photos (the Cube's resolution tapped out at 6 megapixels), which potentially means photo and video quality is improved. ( The Cube's video was just OK considering its size and $99 price).

The Polaroid Cube+ arrives in August in red, blue and black versions for $150. Pricing wasn't announced for the UK and Australia, but the price converts to £95 and AU$200.

Also announced were two new colors for the original Cube camera: hot pink and glow-in-the-dark green. Those, too, will arrive in August and will sell for $100, £89 or AU$149.