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Play Pokemon Go three times longer using this Pokeball battery charger

Keep the gameplay going with this USB power bank disguised as a Pokeball.

Handemade Pokeball USB battery charger, by Etsy seller magicalsuperstore.

magicalsuperstore on Etsy

Did you know that Pokemon Go players are experiencing a 10 percent drop in battery life for every 20 minutes of gameplay on some smartphones? Even with power-saving mode on, it's only a matter of time before you're stranded in the field without an outlet to plug into.

Sure, you can pick up any of these affordable chargers to carry in your pocket, but so far I've only see one battery pack that looks like an actual Pokeball.


Each Pokeball charger is handmade in San Francisco.

magicalsuperstore on Etsy

You can only get it from an independent seller on Etsy named "magicalsuperstore," who builds them each by hand using a Dremel to shape the round plastic shell.

There's a USB and a Micro-USB port on the Pokeball for universal connectivity along with a few small LEDs that indicate the status of a charge.

The seller claims its 5,300mAh internal battery pack can recharge a depleted phone up to three times. There's also a keychain loop on the side to hang it off a backpack or a belt while you're playing.

Each of the Pokeball battery packs are made to order, which explains why you'll spend $40 to get one.

Magicalsuperstore is based out of San Francisco, but the Etsy page also says they'll ship worldwide so our readers in the UK and Australia can buy one up for about £30 or AU$55, respectively.

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