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Plug in that morning coffee (mug)

The Emerson Auto Mug keeps hot coffee hot via your car's 12-volt utility jack.

Plug it in and go.
Bed Bath & Beyond

Mornings are made on routines. From the moment the alarm clock wakes us up we're off and running on autopilot. Breakfast is made and devoured with barely a glimmer of recognition, and then we are off and out the door, coffee in hand. Cold coffee, of course, because we are always running late.

This performance may play out day after day, but that doesn't mean a break in the routine would necessarily mess it up. A little change could go a long way. At least in the case of having your coffee at a drinkable temperature.

A simple change in your coffee mug could send you down the road supplied with the warming glow that only hot morning brew can provide. The Emerson Auto Mug replaces your old, out-of-date, and most importantly, un-powered travel mug by heating your morning joe while on the way to work. Using a simple 12-volt car power adapter that plugs into the lighter jack, the stainless steel travel mug keeps hot coffee nice and hot.

Fitting into most standard drink holders, the mug makes it easy to get out the door with no change in the morning routine. The 14-ounce capacity mug is a nice size for kick-starting the day, but when it comes to that daily mad dash to find the car keys, don't forget the power cord in the process--best just to leave that in the car.