Pizza portioned perfectly

Bake up a batch of individually-topped pizza sticks in the Pizza Sticks Pan when you're in the mood for a quick treat.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Pizza Sticks Pan Williams-Sonoma

Pizza isn't known for its ideal portion size. But the Pizza Sticks Pan turns out individual-size pizzas with little more work than it takes to make a pizza in the first place. Even better, you can top each pizza stick separately: you can have olives on your pizza while your children enjoy pepperoni. There's minimal chance of getting a stray topping.

The Pizza Sticks Pan comes with a dough cutter so that you can easily fit dough to the pan, which holds five pizza sticks at a time. The cutter has a certain similarity to a cookie cutter: you can just press it into the dough to cut a piece the right size and shape. The pan is steel: it heats quickly and can turn out a crisp pizza crust in a matter of minutes. It is hand-wash only because of the nonstick Goldtouch coating--but the same coating means that cleanup is usually just a matter of wiping out the pan. The Pizza Sticks Pan is 15 inches by 10.25 inches. The individual sticks are sized for a single meal, and leftovers heat up just as well as any other cold pizza.