Pineapple slicer does what it promises

Enjoy fresh fruit anytime with this easy-to-use plastic cutter.

About two years ago, a more carefree version of myself started buying fresh cut fruit at the grocery store. Sure, it was more expensive, but with four kids and a busy work schedule, who has time to slice pineapple?

Yum! Vacu Vin

Fast forward to the current financial state of my own personal union, and suddenly I find myself with more time than money. So I'm back to slicing my own fruit. And yet, still, who the heck wants to slice up a pineapple?

This award-winning slicer from Vacu Vin makes it a lot easier. You can peel, core, and slice up an entire pineapple in under a minute. It's truly amazing: cut off the top of the fruit and twist the cutter, corkscrew style, to create lovely rings.

Bonus: the outer shell is preserved to hold drinks or desserts or to serve as a great centerpiece on your table.

Find the slicer online for about $10. Enjoy!