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Crazy parent helmet puts kids in control of piggyback rides

Piggyback rides get a tech twist with some oddball headgear equipped with handlebars, turn signals and a horn.

Do you feel like your kids control your life? Why not make it official with the Piggyback Driver from creative lab Party New York? It's a combination of a crash helmet and a joking admission that, as a parent, you've given up on your independence.

First, you strap the Piggyback Driver onto your head like a bike helmet. Next, you heft a small child onto your shoulders, like you normally would if you're pretending to be a human horse. The kid grabs the handlebars on top, honks the horn and steers you as vibrations inside the helmet tell you which way to go.

LED turn signals light up to warn anybody around you which direction you're going. The faster you move, the faster the LEDs pulse.

This isn't Party New York's first foray into oddball LED creations. You might remember the Disco Dog LED vest, light-up party clothing for your pup.

The best part of the Piggyback Driver, which we spotted on Gizmodo, is that it guarantees you'll be spending some quality time with your kids. It's not a video game or an app. It works best when you've got room to romp. It's creative and playful and wonderfully strange, though not all parents will relish the idea of handing their head-reins over to a toddler.

Party New York has a working prototype of the Piggyback Driver and is actively looking for partners to help it create a production model. Until then, your kids will just have to settle for regular piggyback rides.