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Pick up precut parchment rounds

If you do a lot of baking, having parchment rounds, like those from Regency, can make your next dessert much easier.

The Regency Round Parchment Papers
Regency Wraps

Whenever I'm baking, I feel like half my time goes to cutting parchment paper to the right size. I use it when I'm making cakes, cheesecakes, and plenty of other treats that are baked in a round pan. When I found that Regency Round Parchment Papers come precut, I was ecstatic. Even better, the parchment rounds are available for both 8-inch and 9-inch pans. You can get all the benefits of parchment paper, like keeping cakes from sticking to the pan, or minimizing the amount of grease you need to use on a pan, without the hassle of trying to cut the paper to fit your pans and the inevitable problems when you can't cut a perfect circle. It's just a matter of pulling out a round and placing it in the pan.

The Regency Round Parchment Papers include 10 pieces of parchment paper. They can be used in ovens with temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You can purchase a pack of the parchment rounds for $4.90. Regency also offers a variety of other baking supplies, such as evenbake cake strips--aluminized fabric that fastens around cake pans in order to conduct heat more evenly throughout the backing process--as well as more standard cooking supplies.