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Turn your Instagram pictures into tattoos

Want to proudly display your Instagram feed on your bicep? A new service called Picattoo will turn a dozen of your pictures into temporary tattoos for cheap.

Want to wear an image of last week's ham sandwich? Picattoo turns your Instagram pictures into temporary tattoos. Screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

You've carefully curated your Instagram feed, capturing the perfect photos of your cat and mid-morning snack and applying exactly the right filters to make them pop. You're proud of your feed, so why not take the next logical step and tattoo your Instagram pictures on your body for all the world to see?

OK, so you probably don't want to get permanent tattoos of your dog, the pretty sunrise or last week's ham sandwich, but a new service called Picattoo will let you get temporary tattoos of these things that wash away after a week or so.

After you connect your Instagram account to Picattoo, you can select 12 images that will be converted into the square temporary tattoos you plastered all over your body as a kid. You can only order tattoos in sets of 12, and each set costs $14.99 (about £9.99, AU$19). The sets ship for free to all corners of the world.

So if you really want everyone to see pictures of your kids, your dog or the artistically presented sushi you had for lunch every time they look at you, Picattoo has your back. Or your arm, or wherever the heck you want to stick a small, temporary tattoo.