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Photos: Top new toys you'll want (well, most of them)

We've just been to play with some cool new kit from gadget emporium -- take a look at what's set to be filling up our Christmas lists

Crave recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon playing with all the newest, bestest kit that is hoping to flog us in the run-up to Christmas. Check out the coolest stuff we found in this mammoth 14-page photo story, including the best Wi-Fi digital photo frame yet, a gadget to help you go greener and tonnes of fun toys. Here's the first bit of kit:

Palm Z remote-control helicopter
Remember the PicooZ, the remote-control helicopter that fits in your palm? The Palm Z is the follow up, but this time it's a plane. It's made from EPP foam, which means it's bendy, so unlike those polystyrene planes you bought as a young 'un, it shouldn't split in half when it crashes. It's on sale now for £20. -Jason Jenkins

Creation station
Designed for YouTubers, you get a video camera, a stand, video editing software and a green curtain in the box, so you can change the background when editing your footage and pretend you're broadcasting to the world from the Bahamas.

There's also a dedicated button so you can publish straight to your YouTube channel with one click. Expect it in time for Christmas for £100.

Wi-Fi digital photo frame
This is one of the best electronic photo frames we've ever seen. The trouble with most of them is that it's a real faff to load your pictures on -- who can be bothered to update the memory card with new snaps?

This one can connect straight to photo Web sites via Wi-Fi and download images as they are uploaded. It uses RSS to download images from sites such as Flickr and Webshots, so as your friends upload pics of them sunning themselves on the beach, you can see what they're up to and get green-eyed at home.

There's 256MB of memory built-in, and it takes all types of memory cards, too. Expect to pay £290 for the 10.4-inch screened version and £230 for the 8-inch when it goes on sale in time for Chrimbo.

Bop It Download
Crave has spent many a long hour playing with Bop It, a highly addictive electronic game that tells you to spin, tweak, twist or pull its corners in time to music.

This new version has a new one-on-one game mode, lets you get a higher score and can connect to your computer via USB for new sounds and music you download from Available soon for £30.

The Watson
Helping you go greener and save on the electricity bills is The Watson, which displays how much juice you're using at any point, in Watts or in real money.

To set it up, you connect it to your computer via USB and tell it how much you're paying for electricity. It can store six months of usage stats, which are uploaded when you connect to your computer. (More follows on next page.)

More Watson
The yellow clamp goes around the mains cable supplying electricity to your fuse box. It then wirelessly transmits usage information to the white unit.

In addition to the status readout, a light underneath the white box changes colour depending on how much you're using -- blue is good, red is bad. This bit needs to be recharged, ironically.

It will cost £150 when it goes on sale in September.

If you're one of those people that automatically leans over and turns your alarm off every morning before going straight back to sleep, Clocky is for you. It's the most annoying alarm clock we've ever come across -- it forces you to get out of bed to turn it off.

At the preset time, it starts making a shrill beeping noise and hares off on its wheels, changing direction whenever it hits a wall or other obstacle. It doesn't stop until you get up to pick it up and switch it off or stamp on it. This evil genius will be out in six weeks or so for £35.

Bear with us here, this is a little strange. The idea is that you buy these UBFunkey toys to help you explore a virtual world on your computer called Funkeytown.

As you buy more of them, different bits of Funkeytown are unlocked, and the rarer -- which also happens to be the more expensive -- the UBFunkey, the more of the world is revealed.

The big white one at the back of the picture is the base station that connects to your PC via USB. Plop each UBFunkey in it, and it lets the PC know you've bought it.

What's the point? No idea, but they're cute and available now. They'll set you back £20 for the base station and one Funkey, and £5 for each additional toy.

USB podcast kit
This is a cool idea -- it's a kit containing everything you need to create a podcast in your bedroom including microphone, stand, headphones, a mixing desk with an impressive number of inputs, all the cables you'll need and some editing software for the PC. It's available now for £80.

Mimoco Darth Vader key
It's Darth Vader! In the shape of a USB key! Next!

You want more? Okay, there's 1GB of memory, it'll cost £40 and will appear on Firebox any day now.

USB cassette deck
Transfer your old cassette tapes to your PC with the Ion Tape2 PC. Simply connect via USB, press play and off you go. Arriving around September time, it'll retail for an expensive £100.

Wireless Pyramat
This gaming chair with built-in speakers has been around for a while, but this updated version is wireless, so there's no trippable audio cable running from your Xbox 360 to the audio-in ports.

It sounds pretty loud, with some powerful rumbles when something explodes. Expect to pay £200 when it launches soon.

Anyone that has a forest of wires charging loads of different gadgets will appreciate the Multipot, due out in the next few months. It's an uplighter with a difference.

Lift the LED light out, and you'll find some plugs underneath for a phone charger, iPod charger or whatever. The wires sit in the pot and poke up through a hole at the top -- when you want to charge something, just connect it up and sit it on the top.

Nice and minimalist -- we want one. What's that? It costs £120? Never mind.

Revo Pico Wi-Fi Internet radio
The first portable, battery-operated Wi-Fi radio is here. The Revo Pico is a solid little device that can pick up Internet stations from all over the world, and FM ones too. It'll cost £150 when it goes on sale in the next couple of weeks. -Jason Jenkins