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Photos: Hands-on with the Nikon Coolpix P5100

The Nikon P5100 is the flagship of the Coolpix range: a bridge camera with myriad SLR-style features in a compact body

The Nikon P5100 is the flagship camera in the Coolpix range, a bridge camera packing SLR-style features into a compact frame. It docked at Crave this week and looks like a very able seaman.

It ships 12.1 megapixels, a 3.5x optical zoom -- equivalent to 35-123mm -- and EXPEED digital image processor. The sensor is a decent-sized 1/1.72-inch CCD, and the hull is made from magnesium.

So let's weigh anchor and board the good ship Crave on our latest voyage, by clicking through the links for more photos. -Rich Trenholm

Come about for a look at the back of the P5100, or rather the stern. There's a choice of using the optical viewfinder -- remember them? -- or LCD screen. The screen is a slightly disappointing 64mm (2.5 inches), but look at all those buttons! The SLR-esque styling extends to the vast range of manual options, as well as the hotshoe aloft.

Everything looks shipshape and Bristol fashion. Let's set sail for the next picture.

Avast right there, sailor. A nifty continuous flash feature lets you shoot full speed ahead without having to wait for the flash to recharge. The lens is compatible with various converter lenses that improve wide-angle and telephoto reach. Built into the lens is optical lens-shift image stabilisation, which makes this old sea dog very happy.

There'll be more on these features in our full review of the P5100, tacking into port very soon.

The Nikon P5100 costs £300 and is available now. Overstretched nautical metaphors are free. Aye-aye cap'n!