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Photos: Coolermaster Cosmos S 'sport' PC chassis

We've seen all sorts of PC cases in our time, but few were as big, audacious-looking and as 'sporty' as this. Meet the Coolermaster Cosmos S

We've seen pretty much every type of computer case known to man. There were cases made from animal carcasses and Media Center cases we've stuffed full of quiet components, but we've never in our lives seen a Coolermaster Cosmos S. Until today.

This, dear friends, is the 'sports' version of the Cosmos 1000. The two aren't that different, but the S edition brings some funky design touches that'll appeal to the boy racer in everyone: it has a gunmetal aluminium finish, a top-mounted mesh panel, a touch-sensitive power button, dedicated watercooling ports and a ginormous 200mm fan on the side panel.

It's also massive -- 266 by 298 by 628mm. It'll comfortably accommodate ten 5.25-inch drives, four 3.5-inch drives, seven motherboard expansion cards (tri- and quad-SLI are no problem) and we're pretty sure you could get some sort of partridge/pear tree arrangement in there while you're at it.

Geek men shouldn't expect their womenfolk to allow one in the home, but if you can sneak one in the attic while she's busy with the dishes, you could be onto a winner. It'll set you back approximately £150, but that's a small price to pay for such audacity. Check out the pictures on the follwing pages to get a better idea of how this thing gets down. -Rory Reid

Bizarrely, the Cosmos S ships in a large brown sack. We're not sure why, but it's large enough to use as a makeshift sleeping bag.

Outside its bag, the Cosmos S cuts an intimidating figure. Note the legs it stands on and the funky gunmetal handles on the roof.

The top of the Cosmos S is home to a touch-sensitive power button, four USB ports, two audio jacks, plus FireWire and e-Sata ports -- all hidden behind a sliding panel.

The 5.25-inch expansion bays can all be accessed from the front of the chassis. The tool-free design means you won't need screwdrivers, hammers or crowbars to get at your components.

This dust filter collects all the dirt and crap that would otherwise be sucked into your PSU. It's easily removable and can be cleaned with a vacuum.