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Photos: Asus U2E Stylebook goes hell for leather

Want a laptop that's almost completely covered in the skin of a deceased bovine? Us too, that's why we've snapped the new Stylebook U2E

We've seen no sign of Asus' fabled 10-inch Eee PC, but we've just seen a U2E Stylebook -- an ultra-fashionable thin-and-light laptop that's finished almost entirely in the skin of a dead cow.

It's very similar to the Asus S6F: There's leather on the lid, leather on the palm rest, and it uses an 11-inch screen, but in this case it uses LED backlight technology to help extend battery life.

The U2E is slightly more more angular than the S6 series. Think of it as a manly laptop that's still in touch with its feminine side. You'll be pleased to hear the keyboard, mouse trackpad and its associated buttons are all very comfortable to use.

At 1.3kg, it's also slightly lighter than the 1.4kg S6F, although you won't really notice the difference. What you will notice is the addition of Asus' SmartLogon system -- a face-recognition technology that lets you log into the laptop simply by looking into the webcam.

It's all powered by an Intel Core Duo ULV U7500, 1GB of RAM, 80GB or 100GB hard drives, and Intel GM965 graphics. Expect it to go on sale later this year for an as-yet-undisclosed price. The chances of us having a full review are extremely high, and if it's anywhere near as good as the S6F it'll probably score quite well, too. -Rory Reid

Update: Read our full Asus U2E review

There's a stainless steel panel running between the top of the keyboard and the bottom of the display. It helps provide a bit of contrast to the otherwise completely black laptop. Noted the lovely mottled effect? Good.

No ultraportable is complete without a fingerprint reader. This one's positioned at the bottom right corner of the palm rest. This picture gives you a good look at the quality of the leather, which Asus insists is real cow hide.

The U2E is tiny and only weighs 1.3kG, but it's still a two-spindle design. That means it has an integrated DVD writer in addition to 80GB or 100GB hard drives.