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Pentax K-x dSLR: Now even more garish

The Pentax K-x dSLR will be available from March in eight new flavours, including the intriguingly bicurious 'metal fuchsia'

The impressively specced Pentax K-x dSLR camera was released a few months back in a decidedly patriotic range of colours. Fast forward to the present day, and we have some good news for anybody who held off on buying one of these lovely cameras because they didn't have one in brown.

From March the Pentax K-x will ship in eight new colours (pictured): beige, chocolate, metal fuchsia, pink, metal turquoise, metal dark grey, olive green and soft brown. Along with the four original colours -- black, red, white and blue -- that makes for an astonishing 12 colour options available to new buyers.

The K-x will ship with these delightful new hues in limited-edition kits with the 18-55mm lens for £600 -- the same price as the original models.

Read more about the K-x and its impressive range of features in our hands-on.