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Penguin Scope is a home endoscope for nervous parents

Not content with just googling your child's symptoms? The Penguin Scope, seen at CES 2015, lets you check out Timmy's ear infection at 30 frames per second.

Nic Healey/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- If you're the type of parent with a Web MD subscription and a standing appointment with Doctor Google, then the Penguin Scope should be on your shopping list.

Made by Opcom as part of its Opcom Care range of products, the Penguin Scope brings all the fun of professional endoscopy to the home. The distal end of the camera is just 3.6mm wide and can be illuminated by a white or blue LED. Plug that into whatever body part needs investigating and the Penguin will pump out live video to your iOS or Android device via a Wi-Fi connection.

It's fairly low-quality -- 640x480 -- but at 30fps it'll at least look smooth. It takes a microSD card so you can record video or still images for posterity and family albums. You can also plug it into a PC via USB for a direct connection if you prefer, and also to charge up the battery.

Nic Healey/CNET

According to Opcom the Penguin Scope is multipurpose, but mostly designed for "ear, mouth and skin inspection". While the device has just a couple of buttons for turning on the LED or taking an image, app has controls for you to adjust the brightness of the light as well as taking a JPEG image while recording video.

This device should let you diagnose any number of ailments your family (or yourself) could be suffering from, all for just $199.