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Peel me 3 times, safely

Three-blade kitchen utensil system peels potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and more.

Three blades for three tasks.

I have a killer potato peeler living in my kitchen. It stalks innocent fingers and when least expected, it tries to take a bite out of them. Unfortunately, sometimes it succeeds. Well, look out medieval-torture-device-posing-as-a-kitchen-utensil: Your days are numbered...and I'm in a mood for counting.

Not only does the Trio Tri-blade Peeler from Prepara have a retractable blade, but it also has three blades. A twist of a dial at the base of the unit selects which style of blade is needed. The 'soft' blade setting is used to peel soft skinned produce, such as tomatoes and peaches, while the 'hard' setting is suited for tougher skinned items such as potatoes. Want shoestring potatoes or maybe some thinly sliced carrots for a salad? The third julienne setting has you covered. The blade assembly separates from the body and is dishwasher safe. The entire three-blade system nestles in the handle for easy (and safe) storage.

Not only is this a safer, friendlier peeler, but it is also rather elegant. It's balanced with smooth lines and stands on edge, it even has a tapered point at the top for poking out pesky eyes--potato eyes that is. It's my other soon-to-be-recycled peeler that has a propensity for unscheduled surgery. As a final nod to safety consideration, this peeler is even safe for all you lefties out there.