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Pebble 2.3 firmware adds notification skipping, Bluetooth fixes

Version 2.2 is only a couple weeks old, so it's good to see Pebble keeping the updates coming.

It's been a good couple weeks for Pebble owners. Just last month, the company released a 2.2 firmware update that, among other things, allowed you to control music playback (including volume).

And today, Pebble is back with yet another firmware update. Version 2.3 brings one new feature to the table and a couple fixes -- including one that should be good news to iOS users.

The feature: notification skipping, meaning if there's more text in a notification than will fit on the screen, you can skip the to next one by double-pressing the down button (or go to the previous one with a double-press of the up button). Previously, you had to scroll through the entire message to skip to the next or last message.

Here's notification skipping in action:

The fix is "improved Bluetooth LE connectivity," which I'm hoping will address certain issues with the Pebble's battery life. On my watch, for example, which I've had for just about two weeks, sometimes I get only about 24 hours from the battery, and sometimes I get 4 to 5 days. A tech noted a suspected Bluetooth issue, but didn't say whether this particular update would resolve it.

In any case, Pebble also released an iOS app update. In version 2.2.2, the developers "Enabled more new JavaScript apps to be downloadable in the Pebble appstore (Pebble apps included in this latest bundle will no longer say 'Coming Soon' for iOS users)."

Good stuff? Or nothing too exciting? What features are you hoping to see in upcoming updates?