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Pasta made perfect

The Pasta Vision cooks pasta in a matter of minutes, making dinner a quick fix.

The Pasta Vision Koolatron

While it may look like a blender at first glance, the Pasta Vision provides an easy way to prepare pasta quickly. The pasta cooker heats water to the ideal cooking temperature, timing the cooking in order to turn out perfect pasta every time. The capability to keep cooking water at a constant temperature allows the Pasta Vision to cook your pasta faster. When the built-in timer tells you that your noodles are fully cooked, you can remove the cooker from its base, which contains the heating element. The Pasta Vision has a built-in strainer in its lid, letting you drain your pasta as easily as pouring a glass of water.

The Pasta Vision was designed with safety in mind: the concealed heating element is set inside a cool-touch base, which makes it safe to sit on any table surface. It's also protected from corrosion and makes cleanup easier. And since you can remove the pasta from the base, you can finish preparing your meal without the worry of bumping into a hot element or dragging an electrical cord around. The Pasta Vision has an ergonomic handle, which makes it easier to carry. The Pasta Vision is priced at $59.99.