Party plates designed for one-handed eating

These clever plates let you hold your food in one hand and eat it with the other without spilling.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets

Hold your meal in the palm of your hand. Greener Grass Design

Ever try to balance food on a flimsy paper plate while standing around at a party? You wind up dropping your food, dripping on yourself, or concentrating way too hard on eating your little meatballs.

Designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew wanted to be able to eat and enjoy herself at the same time, so she did something about it. She set out to create a pr-folded plate made from a sturdy material. Ultimately, she determined that the plates could be made flat from ceramic, then placed over molds.

These dishes are not cheap; they'll run you $110 for a set of three plates that includes a taco shell-style fold for eating and flatter plates designed for serving. But they are all about impressing your guests and ensuring that your table is always unique and memorable. I'd be happy to let you know where you can send my gift set.