Pancake Pen makes breakfast easier

The Pancake Pen makes using pancake molds and waffle makers much easier, by filling in every last crevice.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Pancake Pen Williams-Sonoma

The last time I went to the grocery store, I saw premade pancake batter in the dairy aisle. From what I've heard, it's OK; however, I'm sure it doesn't really compare with my family's pancake recipe. But I kept thinking about the container--it looks easier to use if you want to pour batter into a mold or a waffle iron. The Pancake Pen provides the same service, while still letting you mix up that secret family recipe. You can mix your batter up in the bottle of the Pancake Pen, screw on the lid and shake it up. From there, turn the bottle over and squeeze it gently to "draw" with your Pancake Pen. You can get batter into every last corner of a pancake mold using the Pancake Pen, as well as squeeze out circles with a minimum of mess. It holds up to 3 cups of batter, enough to get through breakfast. If you need more, you can just add more ingredients.

The Pancake Pen is extremely easy to clean up after: unscrew the top from the bottle and put both in the top rack of your dishwasher. Assuming you mixed your batter in the Pancake Pen, that leaves only the pan or the mold to clean up. The Pancake Pen is priced at $9.95.