Panasonic's point-and-shoot bonanza

Panasonic beefs up its Lumix digital camera lineup with five new point-and-shoots with new auto features, wide-angle lenses, and 720p video capture.

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Call them refreshes, call them line extensions, or simply call them new, Panasonic announced six snapshot cameras Tuesday with a handful of unique features that'll hopefully have you running with your wallet out to buy one come April.

Joining the two, Lumix FS-series and LS-series cameras announced earlier in January are the FX48 (12 megapixel; 5x 25mm wide-angle lens); the FX580 (12 megapixel; 5x 25mm wide-angle lens; touch screen); the FS25 (12 megapixel; ultracompact; 5x 29mm wide-angle lens); the ZS3 (10 megapixel; 12x 25mm wide-angle lens; AVCHD Lite 720p HD movie mode); the ZS1 (10 megapixel; 12x 25mm wide-angle lens); and the TS1 (12 megapixel; 4.6x 28mm wide-angle lens; AVCHD Lite 720p HD movie mode; shockproof/waterproof/dustproof).

Features scattered about on the models include a new Face Recognition mode, which instead of just detecting faces can actually be programmed to remember individual faces and will adjust focus and exposure accordingly, 720p HD movie capture branded AVCHD Lite, dual-CPU image processing, and wider, longer lenses.

Hit the links below to get more details on which camera does what and slide shows for each model.

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