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Smart pacifier tracks your baby's temperature and meds

Meet Pacif-i, the first smart pacifier that measures your baby's temperature while keeping him from crying. The connected app can also track meds.

I put this smart pacifier called the Pacif-i in my mouth because reasons. Anthony Domanico/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- At the Bluetooth Media and Demo Event here at CES, I got to check out BlueMaestro's Pacif-i, a smart pacifier that helps parents keep better track of their kids' health. More accurately, I went mouth-on with the Pacif-i because I was either brave or, more likely, stupid.

The Pacif-i is a smart pacifier for infants and toddlers that measures a baby's temperature, and transmits that data to a connected app for Android or iPhone using Bluetooth Low Energy. In the app, parents can add medication information such as type, dosage and when the medication was last given. The Pacif-i has a built-in tracker, so you'll hopefully never lose it.

As someone who has had several pacifiers in his mouth lately (having a toddler will do that to you), the Pacif-i was fairly comfortable and didn't feel like I was just shoving technology into my mouth.

We wrote very briefly about Pacif-i back in February, when it was called iPacify and was targeting a June 2014 release. The Pacif-i didn't launch in June, and still isn't available yet, but the company plans to release the Pacif-i across Europe once it's gotten the European Medical Device Class IIa license, which is expected in February 2015. From there, Pacifi-i hopes to get the right approvals so it can launch in the United States, Australia and other locations sometime this year.

The Pacif-i will cost $40/£25/AU$47, and if you just have to have a connected baby as soon as possible, you can preorder the Pacif-i on the company's site.

It looks just like a normal pacifier, but the Pacif-i smart pacifier measures your baby's temperature so you can better manage your child's health. Anthony Domanico/CNET