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Oxyfit: Get high on oxygen while you work out

Touted as the world's first compact personal oxygen supply, the Oxyfit backpack setup will stimulate your brain with increased oxygen while you work out--for $2,681 plus shipping.


Just breathe. It's a mantra any athlete must repeat, as obvious--and unavoidable--as the activity may be. But because of pollution outdoors, poor ventilation in gyms, or just stress (example: we climbers tend to hold our breath, to our detriment, when working through big, scary moves), it can be hard to get enough oxygen.

Thus was born Oxyfit, a lightweight backpack-with-tube that is touted as "the world's first compact personal oxygen supply." Although mention of it has only recently surfaced on U.S. tech blogs, the system appears (via Google Translate; I do not speak or read Japanese) to be the work of Japanese manufacturer Mitachi Industry, which issued a press release in 2008 touting the system before appearances at a health fair and a diet and beauty fair in Tokyo that year.


The backpack, according to seller Japan Trend Shop, weighs in at 3.5 pounds and comes with a lithium battery that is supposed to last for 90 minutes per charge. It can be used during a wide range of activities for which oxygen boosts make sense, according to the product page:

More oxygen lets you run farther, work longer, and even lose weight! An increased supply of oxygen speeds up your body's metabolic engine, burning more calories and stimulating fat loss. Finally, the improved circulation from increased oxygen levels can produce nootropic (brain-stimulating) and anti-aging effects (through increased moisturization of the skin). Athletes have been using oxygen therapy for years, but the Oxyfit is the first simple, intuitive personal oxygen system on the market.

The system, which sets the American wallet back $2,681, plus $49 in shipping, comes with the Oxyfit unit, remote, oxygen tube, aspirator, battery pack, charger, tote bag, and (optional) backpack.

Side effects of Oxyfit may include incessant name-calling, for which the makers will not be held accountable.