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Flamboyant Tesla Watch steampunkifies your wrist

Calling all steampunk adventurers, pirates, scientists and Victorian ladies. Your outrageously large vacuum-tube-decorated wrist watch has arrived.

Tell time in steampunk style.


I once coveted a massive metal watch with a clock, compass and light just because I thought it would look cool, knowing full well the compass and light weren't actually practical, usable items. That watch has now been completely discarded from my lust list and replaced with the Tesla Watch.

The Tesla Watch is a tribute to a fictional time in the early 1900s when everyone wore brass goggles, when leather and rivets were a fashion statement and top hats and ray guns were the ultimate accessories. It has a brass-like finish, a functioning watch and what's described as "ornamental winding keys." At least one of them is useful, because you'll need it to set the time on the watch.

You might notice the two vacuum tube-style LEDs protruding from the top of the watch. These are controlled with a mad scientist-style on/off switch. You'll probably just want to leave them on all the time.

If you're a stickler for historical accuracy, you might want to remember that vacuum tubes as we know them weren't invented until 1904. This watch might not match up with your 1875-era steampunk costume. But fret not. You could just always add time-machine-operator to your steampunk resume and sidestep that anachronism.

The Tesla Watch is available as an in-house exclusive from ThinkGeek for $59.99 (about £39, AU$84). Whether you're piloting an airship, inventing crazy things with gears or exploring hidden jungles, this watch will keep you on schedule.