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Outdoor grill gets an upgrade

Everdure's "e" Series grills sport new features that add versatility and health benefits to your next barbeque

The Everdure "e" series was created for those of us who appreciate gadgets that combine practical designs with modern features. Modeled after minimalist Danish designs of the 1940s and 1950s, the series provides a huge list of available features in very small packaging.


The series includes three sizes: the e7 and e5 have larger cooking surfaces with more burners, while the smaller e2 offers many of the same features in a grill with a smaller footprint. The e2 and e7 sport a ton of innovative features, including mult-e-cook heat control system for temperature regulation; a patent-pending mult-e-cook system, which allows you to wok, smoke, roast, cook pizza, and bake; and a patent-pending health-e-grill with a tilted surface, which drains fat away from your food as it cooks.

The e2 is missing the mult-e-cook, but makes up for it with its mult-e-plate, providing for easy transitions between hot plate and grill, and it also comes with flame failure valves that shut gas off when flames are blown out.

All three models also share several bells and whistles, including warming racks, esee integrated lighting, slide-out serveries, a stainless steel hood, and an integrated cleaning system.

You can find a feature comparison here or check out the lines individually on Everdure's Web site.