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One bowl does everything

The Lekue Steam Roaster Bowl goes from counter to oven to table. The versatile vessel is designed to mimic pouch cooking.

One bowl, many uses.
One bowl, many uses. Lekue

A bowl is a bowl is a bowl. You put stuff into it, and then you eat out of it. Or perhaps you prep food in it and then transfer the food into another bowl. And glass bowls certainly aren't unknown to ovens; they make remarkable vessels for cooking food in. Usually however, one bowl isn't meant for all three tasks at once.

One bowl that can go from prep to oven to table is the Lekue Steam Roaster Bowl. The remarkably convenient vessel owes its versatility to a simple tab and slot arrangement along with silicone construction. You place food to be cooked inside of it, and then latch it together. The result is a bowl that folds in on itself, creating simple approximation of pouch cooking.

The cleverly designed bowl falls into the why-didn't-I-think-of-that category. Really, it is surprising that somebody didn't think of it sooner. Of course the convenience of being able to take one bowl from counter to table doesn't come cheap. Created by a Spanish industrial design firm, the bowl costs just under 30 euros, or about $37. After the bowl makes its journey through every phase of your meal it can then go right in the dishwasher, so it might just be worth it.

Via Wired.