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Olympus Tough range: Kids break the funniest things

Olympus has shown off its Tough camera range with the aid of some rampaging moppets, bringing to bear the full natural destructive force of youth

They say children are the harshest critics. That's if you don't count Mark Kermode, obviously. But when it comes to real-world testing of the Olympus Tough camera range, who better than a selection of kids to show off the cameras' indestructibility?

In a series of videos on the Olympus YouTube channel, a selection of cutesy moppets are apparently denied their Ritalin for a week and unleashed with a Tough camera each. In quick succession, the cameras are stomped, painted, dunked, frozen and generally abused. In one memorable video, the kids eat ice cream off the cameras, and you can almost see their metabolisms accelerate beyond the tolerable as their eyes turn to pinwheels. Aw, bless their little over-stimulated hearts.

Of course, if Olympus was really serious about testing the Olympus mju Tough-6000 or Olympus mju Tough-8000 to their limits, they'd have brought in some chaps with hammers and anger-management issues.

The videos are: