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Olly: smell-o-vision comes to the internet

Bonkers print-it-yourself smell-o-box lets you smell what you're browsing. This could be dangerous.

A word of warning: if you have dubious web-browsing habits, maybe look away now. Because this box lets you smell what you're browsing, reports Engadget. Yes, smell. Seriously.

"Olly takes services on the internet and delivers their pings as smell," reads the website. "Whether it's tweets, like on Instagram, or just your train running late, Olly will be sure to let your nose know about it." The smell of your train running late? We know what we'd be thinking, but certainly wouldn't want to smell it.

Click the Get Started tab, and it promises you'll be able to make one yourself using a few parts and a 3D printer. Though the page itself is "under construction" so we'll have to wait and see.

A removable section in the back lets you add any scent you like: oils, fruit, perfume, booze, freshly roasted chestnuts, or anything else you particularly like the whiff of. You then presumably program it to pump out said scent whenever you look at a certain page, or a certain person tweets. The idea of getting a whiff of your partner's perfume when they tweet is certainly a novel one.

It has a customisable casing, so you can change how it looks. You can also stack multiple Ollys on top of one another, and so have different scents sprayed at you as you browse.

The idea came from Tim Pryde and the gang behind the Don-8r, a robot that rolls around collecting money for charity. It was developed, fittingly enough, by Mint Foundry, so no prizes what they smell of.

Would you want to smell what you're browsing? And how would various sites and services smell? Google? Twitter? CNET UK? Let us know on our Facebook page. And play nice.