Oculus Link will turn your Quest into a PC VR headset in November

A single USB-C cable will stream Rift content.

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Scott Stein

Oculus Quest launched earlier this year.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Facebook has two new VR headsets released this year: one that's standalone mobile, one that's PC-tethered. The two look ready to dovetail a bit: the versatile self-contained Oculus Quest is now about to be a PC-connected device, too.

At the Oculus Connect developer conference on Wednesday, the VR company announced Oculus Link. The software update, expected later this year, will link the Quest to a PC with a single USB-C cable, and will work as a headset to play PC-based content.

Qualcomm had been exploring ways for standalone VR headsets to double as wireless PC-connected devices, but Oculus' solution will arrive first, and not require new hardware. It sounds like the Oculus Quest will end up being an all-in-one device with this update, but we still don't know more details about how well it works.