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Nvidia's hugely powerful $3,000 Titan V PC GPU is fastest ever

And it's not for games: It's for pushing machine learning, deep learning and AI on desktop computers.


Looking for a way to turn your home computer into a deep-learning AI super-monster? Nvidia has an expensive answer.

The new Titan V GPU promises a crazy amount of processing for deep learning and AI applications. It's nine times more powerful -- at 110 teraflops -- than last year's Titan X, Nvidia's last massive desktop graphics processor aimed at machine learning applications.

The Titan V is based on Nvidia's newer Volta chip architecture, which is also being used in Nvidia's Xavier self-driving car system and for data centers. This is the first desktop-based use of the new chip, and it costs $2,999 or £2,700 (about AU$4,800). Hardly a consumer purchase, but it's meant for people who want a massive dose of machine learning processing. Developers, labs, AI researchers... or anyone who wants an insane supercomputer.

It's available now on Nvidia's store