Nvidia GeForce Now replaces Founders subscription with $10 Priority plan

In a bout of largesse, Nvidia is letting existing subscribers keep the $5 a month promotional pricing for life.

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For the one-year anniversary of its cloud gaming service, GeForce Now, Nvidia has settled on post-promotional pricing for its subscription plan. Dubbed "Priority membership," the plan replaces the existing $5-a-month Founders membership with the identical benefits. Members get priority access in the queue to reach the servers, support for Nvidia's RTX ray-tracing and continuous sessions longer than an hour for $10 a month or $100 a year. Existing Founders subscribers will be able to continue at the $5 monthly rate with a renamed Founders for Life plan.

At a time when graphics cards are harder to buy than a PS5 (and for a lot more money), GeForce Now is looking more attractive than usual. Because it works with PC games rather than proprietary ports of them (a la Google Stadia), you can buy and play games while waiting for GPU prices and stock to return to normal without losing progress, achievements or other important gameplay time investments. As long as your game is supported by GeForce Now, that is.

The company is also rolling out some updates it says will improve quality, such as compensating for inconsistent network performance and implementing a server-side adaptive sync technology which can set the frame rate to match either 60Hz or 59.94Hz monitor refresh rates. Nvidia also says account linking for important games is coming within the next two months (no tedious, repetitive logins!) along with much faster game loading.