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Now's a great time to rent camera gear

Take advantage of seasonal discounts on rentals to try high-end products.

Go ahead. You know you want to.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Have you been dying to try the Canon 5D Mark IV? Itching to see what all the Sony A7 series fuss is about? Had your eye on the Nikon 200-500mm lens but didn't want to blindly drop $1,400? Now's your chance to find out by taking advantage of gear-rental holiday discounts.

A lot of the gear gets rented by professionals whose need tends to be time-inelastic: You rent when you need it for a shoot. This time of year, especially this week, rentals tend to be slow. That means some of the rental sites offer holiday discounts.

For instance, Lensrentals will take 25 percent off all rentals scheduled to arrive by December 31. LensProToGo is offering a 15 to 25 percent discount depending upon order size until a December 30 delivery. And BorrowLenses offers 25 percent off through December 30. You might also want to check out a local rental agency and see if it's running a promotion and where you have the option to pick up it up given the timing.