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New noise-canceling ramen fork hides slurping sounds

Leave it to Japan. Ramen-maker Nissin created a pricey utensil that disguises eating sounds by linking to your smartphone.

Loudly slurping ramen noodles is considered normal in Japan. But if you're not in Japan, or just prefer to be a little more discreet about your dining, there's a solution.

Japanese instant-ramen giant Nissin, maker of Top Ramen and Cup Noodles (formerly Cup O' Noodles in the U.S.), has invented the Otohiko fork, a noise-canceling fork that hides slurping sounds with help from users' smartphones.

Sensors in the fork detect slurping. The fork sends a signal to the diner's smartphone, which masks the sounds by playing white noise or other soothing sounds. (Watch the above video for a wacky demonstration, or check out Chowhound's take here.)

Only the most vehement slurping haters are likely to buy one of these high-tech utensils. The forks cost $130 each and only 5,000 are being made. And the limited run will only be made if enough of the forks are pre-ordered.

We can think of at least one good use for one: Drax the Destroyer could've benefited from an Otohiko fork in that one awful soup-slurping scene in ads for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2."

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