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No more waiting for the check while dining out

Design concept EPOS-lite merges payment and ordering into one small device.

Design concept EPOS-lite merges payment and ordering into one small device.

You know that future we're all waiting for? The one where magic happens on a day-to-day basis? It just got here a little bit early. Well, maybe. At least the design concepts keep pushing the envelope, making sure that the future will eventually get here.

The EPOS-lite by Allport is a design that the maker describes as "the world's lightest cash register". Of course, no "cash" is actually involved, as the EPOS-lite is a charge machine. By combining that function with a restaurant menu, future diners will have the ability to order and pay from the same device.

While it may not be the future-future we hope for, it is another step in that direction. Possible spawns from this design could lead to a whole new way to eat on the go. Imagine, for example, an ordering system tied into a GPS-enabled cell phone. Users simply order what they want wherever they are and their food gets delivered to their location. If the hungry patron changes their location, the GPS function simply updates and responds accordingly. Of course, some sort of helicopter-robot-waiter would have to be invented first before this imaginary technology ever takes off.

As for the EPOS-lite, the designer should start looking into possible alternative uses. (I'm telling you, automatic miniature heli-delivery is gonna be big) Other, more established (and well-funded) 'pay-at-table' options are already in use.

(Via Gizmo Watch)