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Nintendo Wii your new workout companion !!

The Nintendo Wii just might become your new workout partner.

Nintendo Wii Sports

Will the Nintendo Wii become a coaching aid for athletes? Nascar and other race car drivers use video game like simulators to study race tracks and sharpen their skills without the risk of injury from a nasty crash. There are already fitness trainers figuring out how to use the Wii as a workout tool for their clients, and coaches in other sports are starting to see the benefits of using this interactive game system as a way for athletes to sharpen their skills.

Could this be the start of a new kind of fitness revolution. I think so, I can see it now you will walk into your local Gym and submerge yourself into a virtual Wii workout. Why not, we never have enough time for recreational sports and if the game world can offer some convergence and help us with our technique, preparation and fitness then sign me up. In just the short time that I have used the Wii sports game, you can see how there is quite a bit of skill involved and it is not hard to break a sweat and elevate your heart rate with any of the interactive games.

With sensor technology getting better everyday the next Wii may just come with games made by the best coaches and trainers in the world, this new sports experience is bound to arrive sooner rather than later. If Nintendo does not start increasing the supply of the Wii soon adults will be fighting their kids for time on these little game systems.